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I want a lambo! How do I get one?

Work hard and pay your tax! Jokes aside, don’t expect that investing in cryptocurrency will make you rich over night! Invest wisely only with the money you can afford to lose!

May I interview Mr. Badoer?

Yea, why not! We are sure he will be very excited! However, expect a lot of crazy and hilarious answers! Good luck with it!

When was Aidos Kuneen founded and what is the circulating supply?

Aidos Kuneen was founded on June 6th, 2016, by Ricardo Badoer. The circulating supply amounts to 25 million ADK.

Where can I purchase Aidos Kuneen?

You can purchase ADK on our website or in available international exchanges. For more information, visit the “Exchanges” section on our web site.

How do I transfer ADK from the exchange to my wallet? How long does it take for a transaction to be confirmed?

Login to your ADK desktop wallet and register a new address. After successful registration of the address, copy it and use it to withdraw ADK from any exchange where ADK is listed. Confirmations should take less than 20 minutes. If you have not received your transfer within 24 hours, please contact support.

What is the transaction fee for the Aidos Kuneen network?

The entire network of active members of the Aidos Kuneen network is directly involved in the approval of transactions. Thus, the consensus in the ADK is not separated from the transaction process: it is an integral part of it, and this is what allows the ADK to scale without any transaction fees.

How can I check the number of confirmations of my transaction?

You can visit https://explorer.aidoskuneen.com/ Enter your address, hash, or Bundle of the transaction, and you will see at what stage your submission is.

What makes ADK more interesting for investors?

ADK can be viewed as a completely anonymous network, allowing users to quickly transact their assets (both cryptographic and fiat) without scalability issues. ADK is emerging as a strong contender, which can be seen as the next step in the evolution of cryptocurrency. In addition to this, Aidos Kuneen has ambitious plans to open a crypto-safe banking network made up of banks from the EU and Africa. We are currently in negotiations with two banks in Africa, and few EU banks are considering it. There are also plans for PoW transactions.

Why is ADK better than Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies)?

First things first, ADK is based on DAG, with limited supply and zero commission transactions. ADK also eliminates scalability issues and improves transaction processing speed. As a relatively new digital currency, ADK is more affordable to buy compared to big cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

What makes Aidos Kuneen so safe?

Nowadays, the entire digital world uses supercomputers, and quantum computers have so far only been theorized with several prototypes created. When quantum computers emerge, most modern cryptography (and cryptocurrencies) will no longer be secure. For this reason, mathematicians and computer scientists have invented new cryptography that even quantum computers cannot break. The ADK has such cryptography: the Winternitz one-time signature scheme.

How can I withdraw funds to the exchange from my wallet?

You need to enter the exchange that has ADK listed and copy the wallet address to make a deposit. Then, open your ADK wallet where you store your coins, enter the amount you want to transfer and the wallet address for the deposit, and click send. Keep in mind that it will take some time for ADK to be credited to the exchange.

How can I support the Aidos Kuneen project?

Do you have ideas and suggestions that you think will strengthen Aidos Kuneen and its mission of mass adoption, or would like to see Aidos Kuneen enter bigger challenges? We are here to listen; all you have to do is to contact our team on social media or send an email to info@aidoskuneen.com

Where can I find the latest news about Aidos Kuneen? Can I create a fan page for Aidos Kuneen?

All the latest news can be found on our official social media. Aidos Kuneen is present on Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The official links can be found on the website. Yes you can create a fan page! However, Aidos Kuneen has its communication channels and is not responsible for any unvalidated information posted out of official social media by unknown users or community members.

When will the ADK mobile wallet be launched?

The exact date is still unknown as it is under development.

What will happen if I forget my Seed phrase?

There is no way to retrieve your account without seed words. Your account is all lost. Create a new wallet and be careful!

Is there a bank account?

Apart from our current business plan, we offer banking services, with Payrico (under development), we will be able to provide crypto-friendly banking with a remote account opening option.

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For any additional questions, feel free to email us on info@aidoskuneen.com or click the support button.


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