Aidos Kuneen is an open source project that focuses on privacy, decentralization and scalability.
Lets face it our financial privacy is in danger, banks and goverments not only want to keep record of how we spend and store our money they are also prone to having this records leaked or using the information to enforce their power. This is where Aidos comes in: being secure, private and untraceable.

The technology stack of Aidos enables users to spend their tokens freely without any fear of being tracked or tainted.
Even though the design differs from existing heavy and complex blockchains like bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, Aidos still retains the core principles of openness, decentralization and improved privacy.
Aidos will also be ready to be used with and plugged into the Internet of Things, enabling participation in an ecosystem of billions of devices.


No Fees

Due to the nature of the core technology Aidos will have zero fees. This makes micro transactions possible and is also an important requirement for it to be used in the Internet of Things.


The Aidos transaction system is based on a directed mesh with I2P as underlying network layer, protecting its users from having their identities revealed. Furthermore the usage of AKshuffle keeps user anonymous, therefor making transactions 100% invisible and untraceable.

Open Source

One of the core principles of Aidos is openness, thus everything is submitted for review by the public.


Ricardo Badoer

Ricardo Badoer

Founder and Executive

with more than 16 years in finance, offshore banking and more then 5 years digital currency trading



Executive and chief programmer

M. Sc. with widespread personal and commercial experience in embedded systems and software design.


Personal and financial freedom

Our vision is to make Aidos the ultimate decentralized currency usable by everyone, everywhere.

The on-going development of Aidos and therefore the creation of a wide area of applicable use cases.

Coming soon.